Please be advised that ImageTrend is contractually unable to provide users with permissions-based requests (i.e. Site Access, Active Status, Lock Status, Usernames, Passwords, Permission Level Changes, etc.). 

If your account is not inactive or locked, you may also try to obtain this information by using the 'forgot password' option on the log in page of the site you are trying to access. The 'forgot password' option will email you (if you have an email address listed on your staff profile) with a new temporary password to utilize upon login.  

If you are unable to use the 'forgot password' option, in order to fulfill your request, you will need to contact your Site Administrator or Agency/Facility Administrator. This is most often the person that gave you access to the ImageTrend website initially and is usually someone within your organization.  If you are unsure who to contact, please proceed with creating a support case  and our team will assist in finding the appropriate contact.  

Please provide the name of your agency/facility and the complete URL or website address for the ImageTrend site you need assistance gaining access to.